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The Most Common Ways Carpets are Damaged

High-quality carpets are designed and manufactured to last longer, and all people want them to last forever. However, like any product, carpets may wear out eventually because of a wide variety of factors. Indeed, they are popular household items among Americans because they are 48% of the total U.S. flooring market. Here below, in this article, your trusted professionals on carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC, list some common carpet issues and some DIY measures to prevent and fix possible damage to them.

Carpet Manufacturing: A Background

According to carpet manufacturing experts, almost all carpets produced in the United States are made from four fiber materials: Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, and some natural fibers. In this context, the development of industry standards in the country allowed mass production of high quality, comfortable, and beautiful carpets thanks to the incorporation of broadloom tufted machines since the 1950s. For this reason, carpets are now less expensive and better products. Now, these items are widely used for commercial purposes in many facilities and residential units worldwide. And they went from being luxury items with decorative purposes to mass consumer products.  

Primary Causes of Damage to Floor Coverings

As mentioned above, carpets are now mass consumer products, and they can be more prone to damage than in the past. Currently, carpets have a protective function and other purposes related to air filtration and noise reduction. In this way, knowing the primary causes of damage to your floor coverings is vital to avoid and prevent them. In the first instance, it is crucial to slow down the wear process and keep your carpet looking and feeling new for a long time. 

Detractors of Appearance

According to some studies, floor surface coverings experience many “detractors of appearance,” among which are the following factors:

  • Grinding of dirt
  • Abrasion due to traffic
  • Oxidizing effects from the environment (Atmosphere)
  • The formation of oily films caused by spills and oil Skins
  • Attack by insects, fungi, other microorganisms, and animals
  • Stains produced by accidental contacts with specific products
  • Detergents, chemicals, and other solutions
  • Moisture and extreme variations of humidity and temperature

Dirt and Fluids

Grinding and friction caused by dirt are some of the most common reasons why new carpeting frays quickly. It happens when the carpet is dirty, and it causes friction against its fibers when experiencing traffic. On the other hand, when carpets are soiled, they hold two components: dry and oily soil. The first component is made up of clay, dust, and silicates, which are dry agents that can destroy the carpet’s appearance. However, these solid contaminants can be removed by regular vacuuming. And oily soil includes substances such as greases and fats that act as binders and severely impair the product’s look. 

Besides, fluids from food, urine, blood, vomit and skin oils can be the most difficult to remove stains from carpets. Even the best carpet cleaning professionals may face many challenges when specialized treatment is required.

Dragging Heavy and Sharp items on Carpets

Handling heavy objects along a house can be a routine for many homeowners. And sometimes, they tend to move, relocate, or place new furniture. However, these activities pose a significant risk because the flooring can quickly get damaged. In this sense, the best way to prevent these occurrences is by using a canvas tarp or a cloth to protect the carpet against any damage caused by dragging heavy objects.

UV Rays

Carpets can experience discoloration because of UV exposure caused by direct sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended to install curtains or other products to reduce sunlight exposure.

Finally, proper maintenance performed by your trusted professional on carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC, is vital to preserving your investment.

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