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Cleaning Guide for Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are valuable products because of their beauty, durability, and sustainability. Whoever has a wool rug has a treasure. Wool is a natural fiber, very comfortable to the touch, but it is also very delicate. If you want to keep your wool carpet looking like new for years, learn how to do it with some simple tips.

According to a research titled Wool and Carpets – 6000 Years of Innovation, Quality, and Sustainability, the first evidence of wool rugs dates back to 2400 years ago. Some studies confirm that knotted pile carpets probably were manufactured in the Caspian Sea area (Northern Iran). Another evidence of ancient woolen carpets is the earliest surviving pile carpet in the world (the Pazyryk carpet which dates back to the 5th-4th century BC) that was discovered by Sergei Ivanovich Rudenko in 1949, in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. This rug is proof of the properties of wool, and it is almost perfectly intact because it was used as a funeral accessory.

Sheep Wool

First rugs were woven in the Caucasus, and they were made from sheep wool threads and dyed on wooden looms. Craftsmen formed the patterns by firmly knotting the wool fibers, so the rugs had a fine and durable finish.

Wool rugs have been used for centuries by different cultures and generations, and currently, they are becoming again an essential part of the decor in homes and commercial spaces. Further, we live in a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable development. People are learning to appreciate the value of the beauty of nature by using decorative elements that make them feel closer to natural environments.

On the other hand, although manufacturing methods have become industrialized, wool is still a very valuable material. Wool rugs also have some physical and chemical features that make them ideal for use both at a residential and commercial level. Wool is a highly resilient fiber, resistant to deformation, and durable.

The Basic Care of A Wool Rug

As we said above, wool is a natural fiber that can last for many years without damaging over time. However, it requires constant maintenance and basic care. Proper maintenance is the best guarantee to make it last for several generations.

The primary measure to take care of your wool carpet is to avoid excess moisture. Wool fibers tend to attract and retain water. According to an article titled Wool Fibre Properties, wool can absorb about 30% of its weight in moisture; although this property can be beneficial to your home environment because it acts as a dehumidifier, wool can be deteriorated by mold and mildew.

Wool carpets are decorative accessories. Try to do not to place them in high traffic areas to prevent them from premature wear; likewise, you must avoid exposing your wool carpet to the outdoor climate.

When you vacuum and sweep wool carpets and rugs weekly, you prevent dirt from embedding in their fibers. This measure prevents  premature wear and consequent damage. Likewise, experts recommend a specialized adapter for the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt without damaging the rug. Besides, making gentle movements allows to clean your carpets without any excessive pressure.

Can You Steam Clean Your Wool Carpet?

Wool carpets can hide a lot of dirt, and when you do not take preventive measures, it can impair indoor air quality. In addition, poor maintenance reduces the life of your carpet because the soil is a very abrasive element.

Finally, if you want to improve the maintenance of your wool rug or carpet, carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC is an effective method that will do not damage it.

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