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Cleaning Guide for Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are valuable products because of their beauty, durability, and sustainability. Whoever has a wool rug has a treasure. Wool is a natural fiber, very comfortable to the touch, but it is also very delicate. If you want to…

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Handling a Carpet Mites Infestation

“Mite” is a term used to refer to a wide range of small living organisms known as arthropods, members of the Arachnida class and Acari subclass and partially related to ticks. They are very diverse in form, habitat, and behavior. Some feed…

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DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

The key to maintaining the beauty of your carpet is to clean it regularly before it becomes excessively soiled. Today’s soil and stain-resistant technologies make carpets easy to clean. Carpet cleaning consists of three primary aspects: regular vacuuming, periodic deep cleaning,…

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